Improving efficiency, traffic, and safety with predictive guidance

Glide is Mogol’s patent-pending predictive guidance platform designed to improve fuel economy, traffic, and safety. At its core is a proprietary algorithm powered by the Glide Connected Vehicle Network that fuses multiple data sources together to recommend to your vehicle the most efficient way to get to your destination.

Glide helps users drive better

Look around the bend

Improve fuel economy by enabling your vehicle to see into the future. Glide’s patent-pending tecnology adjusts your vehicle for the road you will be driving to maximize efficiency.

Anticipate traffic

Using live traffic data, Glide can slow the vehicle down in anticipation before you even see the traffic - reducing hard braking and over-acceleration.

Cruise over hills

Glide improves fuel economy by deciding how best to adjust speed for efficiency. Help your drivers increase economy and improve consistency over hilly terrain.

The Glide Platform

Glide fuses data from multiple static and real time sources, enabling it to predict beneficial changes to your vehicle’s state down the road.

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Why It Works

Glide was inspired by people wanting to drive better. By anticipating terrain, traffic, and intersections, we’re taking skills of some of the best drivers and making them available to everyone.

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Develop with Glide

Vehicle makers and mobile app developers can develop with Glide. For vehicle makers, there is the Glide Cloud Service providing V2X services and the Glide SDK on the vehicle. For mobile app developers, there is Glide Cloud Service providing the full platform functionality.

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* Fuel efficiency depends on many factors, including route and vehicle type. Performance may vary.